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Completed a website design for a cleaning company.

This is Cleaning Company Website Design. I have already completed this website design and handed it over to my client. They were pleased with the layout of the website and provided good feedback.

Cleaning Company Website Design

for which services they built the website?

The website was for a professional cleaning company. They offer pressure washing and junk removal services throughout South Florida. The company has over ten years of experience keeping homes clean, safe, and healthy.

I built the website with WordPress and customized it using the Divi theme. There is a homepage, service page, service landing page, and contact page.

Through the Cleaning Company Website Design website, they can easily find the desired service recipient. because:

Home Page: I’ve featured them on the homepage, of their services. They mainly provide pressure washing and junk removal services. I have outlined their features, followed by their experience and what they do. Then I presented feedback on their work, followed by how to get in touch with them. I have presented some pictures of their services so visitor can see their jobs. I then used the contact form to contact the company.

Services Page: I have presented details about their services on the service pages. On the contact page, I have presented all the contact information to contact the company. Now anyone can contact the company and take their services.

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